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Flour & Grains

Flour & Grains

Flour & Grains products constitute one of the largest product blocks on Deeskus, your online grocery delivery service for African foods, Caribbean foods and latino foods. We have such a huge selection of flour and grain based African foods products, we can guarantee that there isn't any kind of African, Caribbean and Latino food that you are looking to buy online that falls under this category that you are not going to find here.

Flour based foods that you can find in this section includes accra kenkey, african corn flour by Choice foods, aklui zogbon, alpiste, attieke by nina foods, bulgur wheat, cassava flour kokonte lafun by nina, cassava flour by nina, elubo yam flour, golden tropics plantain fufu, ground cassava fufu by nina, indian white head corn meal, iyan ado pounded yam, iyan ado pounded yam mimi, iyan wazobia, loty pounded yam, loty rice flour, mama's choice fufu plantain, medium couscous, millet flour by choice foods, mimi bean flour, naked amala, nigerian style pounded yam, oat fufu, oat foo foo, plantain fufu, potato starch, roasted corn flour, roland couscous, semolina, semolina wheat, semovita, tropiway cocoyam fufu, tropiway plantain fufu, tuwo zafi, dea huo, yellow corn flour and so on so forth.

Grain based foods that you can find in this section includes bo garri, garri bucket, garri by choice foods, garri ijebu, garri by nina foods, garry ghana taste, yellow garri and so on so forth.Delay no further, order your African food online now and see our amazing grocery delivery machine in operation, plus free shipping. 

Gari Choice 5 lbs


Gari Ijebu 10lbs


Gari Ijebu 20lbs


Gari Nina 1.5lbs


Gari Nina 10lbs


Gari Nina 12oz


Gari Nina 20lbs


Gari Nina 3lbs


Gari Nina 5lbs


Gary Ghana Taste 10lbs


Gary Ghana Taste 5lbs


Golden Tropics Plantain Fufu


Golden Tropics Pltain Fufu 10lb


Indian Head White Cornmeal 5lb


Iyan Ado Pounded Yam 2lbs


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