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Raw Food

Raw Food

Raw Food is now just a few tap and clicks away thanks to Deeskus, your top online destination to order African foods online, Caribbean foods online as well as Latino foods online. All the trips to the market to buy raw African food items ir any of the other raw food items we have here for your amazing recipe is not any more necessarily. All you need is checkout this section for various raw foods and simply order the ones that interests you.

Amongst other African food, Caribbean food and Latino food products that are raw food, you will find African yellow beans, broken jasmine rice, brown beans, brown beans by Nina foods, country rice, fresh yams, golden jasmine rice, goya central American red beans, goya lima beans, honey beans or oloyin beans, lafe basmati rice, mimi peeled beans, fresh plantain, rice elephant brand, rice flour, goya rice flour, jasmin rice, madam gougousse rice, rice par excellence and sweet brown beans by nina foods right here so order online now for prompt delivery and free shipping.

Neat Plantain Fufu


Rice Elephant Brand 25lbs


Rice Flour


Rice Flour 4lb


Rice Goya Flour 1 lb


Rice Goya Golden Canilla 20 lbs


Rice Goya Golden Canilla 5lbs


Rice Jasmin 10lbs


Rice Jasmine 20lb


Rice Jasmine 25 lbs


Rice Jasmine Loty 3lbs


Rice Madame Gougousse 20lb


Rice Par Excellence 5lbs


Sweet Brown Beans 10lb


Sweet Brown Beans 5.lbs


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